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Urban Tigers, The Truth Behind the Tales, Chapter 2

Kathy discusses the three main characters in chapter two of Urban Tigers, Tales Of A Cat Vet. We learn where she got the inspiration for her mother's character. We also hear about some of the antics of young Benny Mombourquette and further background for Dr. Hughie Doucette. Most importantly, we learn the real location of Cecil's Pub. This one took a little extra work as you will see from some out-takes we decided to include. Enjoy!

Urban Tigers - The Truth Behind the Tales, Chapter 1

Kathy Chisholm gives a behind-the-scenes account of the stories in her book Urban Tigers, Tales of a Cat Vet. In her first interview Kathy talks about the inspiration for the main characters - Dr Emily McBride and Dr Hughie Doucette. She also gives an account of the real-life C-section that led to the opening chapter of Urban Tigers.

Tuxedo Stan Has Moved!

Tuxedo Stan has become so famous he now has his own website.